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Choosing an Accountant Part 4: The Reliable Accountant
Posted On: December 5, 2014 -


The reliability is probably the key factor in establishing a
trusted relationship with your accountant. If you want your questions answered
then you need someone who gets back to you or visits your business on a regular
basis. Someone who is reliable will also promote that peace of mind feeling
that is essential in developing trust in a relationship. There are several
factors that you can use to decide whether you will receive reliable service.
The first is how often you are going to interact to make sure that your system
is running smoothly. Your business needs a financial checkup on a monthly basis
to make sure it is working well and to allow your accountant to advise you from
a position of current knowledge. A second factor is the actual system that you
are going to use and whether it delivers consistent, accurate and complete
results. There are more factors but these would be better understood if you met
with one of our Padgett offices. Give us a call for a no charge presentation of
what we can do for you..


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