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Choosing an Accountant
Posted On: December 5, 2014 -

By Brian Austin, Vice Chairman, Padgett Business Services


After 40 years in the accounting profession, I have come to
realize that the decision most people make when choosing an accountant is often
based on a single factor or a referral. A seasoned veteran of our organization
with more experience than me at the time explained to me that people just want
an accountant who would CARE for them. Of course, the CARE translated into the
attributes you should be looking for in an accountant or the organization they
represent. So …. what does CARE stand for? Simply put,  it is COMPETENT, APPEARANCE, RESPONSIBLE and
EMPATHY. Follow me on this as I explain what my learned friend meant by each of
these terms. I will deal with each of these in the coming days..


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