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Choosing an Accountant Part 2: The Competent Accountant
Posted On: December 5, 2014 -


Business owners expect that their accountant is “competent”
in the financial and tax matters that effect their operations. Unfortunately
this is a Catch 22 situation as the knowledge that defines competence   is what
the owner doesn’t have and is expecting to receive from their accountant.
Therefore, where does knowledge and competence come from? There are several
sources including the study of accounting and finance, experience, the
organization they represent and professional development to name a few. As the
body of knowledge in the accounting, payroll and tax business is extensive it
is important that your accountant has access this knowledge to answer your
questions. It is okay for the answer to depend on a second opinion of their
organization. Find out about this organization and you will understand better
the competence and knowledge of your accountant. Padgett Business Services was
founded on these principles..


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