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Our Small Biz Software

As small business owners ourselves, we understand that your greatest asset is your time! That’s why we created Padgett Connect – A unique small business software package designed to simplify your business and save you time!

  • Why spend large amounts of money on a software package when you will only ever use a small percentage of it and will not receive the personal support you deserve?
  • Why spend time learning these increasingly complex packages on your own when you could be using that time to GROW your business?

Padgett Connect is a simple solution that provides you with everything you need to keep track of your records, comes with free support, and you will be using it within MINUTES. Learn more about our small business software here

Small Biz Pros are experts on small business accounting, small business tax, and small business payroll for Canadian-based businesses. They are your small business consultants that offer top rated accounting tax and payroll services, software and more. Do you operate a small business in Canada? Do you need small business accounting, tax, and payroll services? Then make Small Biz Pros at Padgett your small business accounting partners.